Weddings are all about celebrating the love story and the future of a happily ever after. They are all about having magical moments with the future partner. So let’s not forget about the honeymoon. This should be one of the best vacations of your lives together! Something that means amazing for you both. Maybe it’s a trip to the Bahamas or to a small town twenty miles away. Romance away! Just, remember to pack weather appropriate clothes and lip balm. Maybe even some food and snacks. Oh, plus the comfy blanket you got for your birthday. How about some slippers? Or you could just go in the wedding attire and make it an adventure?

bride and groom on boat.

Lodging and Transportation

If you’ve traveled before, you’ll know that U.S. airlines must provide assistance onto the airplane and store the wheelchair properly under the plane. Should the unfortunate event happen where you get your wheelchair back in a lesser form than you last saw it, the airline is responsible for paying for damages (usually complaints can be taken where lost baggage is reported). If you’re traveling to a different country, accessibility and disability rights may be different. Not only that, but certain places may be more inaccessible than others, so always have an accessibility back-up plan.

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What To Do On a Honeymoon

Explore! Be spontaneous! Eat lots of tasty food! Most importantly, do what you both would love to do, not what you think should be done on a honeymoon. Be creative and mix things up; have an elegant dinner one night and a pajama party the next. If you both have different tastes in travel, compromise and try new adventures that your partner is into. This is a time for you two to celebrate coming together. Should you want to keep the wedding energy going, you can plan ahead and end the honeymoon with a “buddy moon.” That’s where you invite another newlywed couple to join the honeymoon experience.

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Prepare for the Unexpected

Cellphone? Check. Travel documents? Check. Battery charger? Double check. Now to the other stuff. Extra clothes and snacks for the unexpected? (like a drastic change in weather)? Packed that herbal tea and breathing mask? Yes, this vacation should be your wildest dreams coming true, but your health is always the most important. This goes for anyone. Some essentials items to buy here and not on your honeymoon: lip balm, bandages, electrical converter and/or adapter, tampons/pads, insect repellent, sunscreen. If plans change unexpectedly, remember that you have each other to make it all work just right!

hands holding wedding rings and rose petals.

When You Return from the Honeymoon

Congrats to a wedding and a honeymoon! Time to get the married life started in real life. Whether you got wedding gifts or set up a honeymoon fund, send thank you’s to everyone who gifted you with something. If you still have stuff to do, like combining bank accounts or changing your surname at work, do that as soon as you can. You should have paid all of the vendors, but if there are any loose ends from the wedding planning, take care of them and follow up with people who need to be contacted. Your photos and video should be coming soon, so get excited for that!

A Little Help is Here…

Aren’t you lucky to be going on a trip with the love of your life? May it be more beautiful than you imagined! Here is a packing list that may help you in time of packing insanity.